Journey through History, Art and Natural Beauties in Southern Italy

Campania Hotel, Journey through History, Art and Natural Beauties in Southern Italy

Campania Hotel

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Guide for your journey through Art, History and Natural Beauties.
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Dove si trova Amalfi? Mappa con le principali distanze in auto.

Amalfi Piazza del Duomo

Uno scorcio di Amalfi, vista dal pontile

Amalfi, piatto di cucina di mare

Amalfi, un vicolo

Barca della Regata di Amalfi

Amalfi, the most renowned destination on the Amalfi Coast definitely deserves to be pleasantly experienced day by day before being sure to know it and keep it in one's heart.

Take a stroll through its lanes and stairways while listening to the voices and the sounds coming from the atmospheric seaside village of Amalfi.

Along with so much human touch there is also its artistic and cultural heritage which speaks for itself: Amalfi's Cathedral, the Historical Regatta of the Four Maritime Republics of Italy, the Emerald Grotto, to name but a few.

Thanks to this magic alchemy Amalfi's international fame constantly grows thus making it one of the most inspiring destinations all over the world.

Historical outlines

In 839 Amalfi became the first Maritime Republic of Italy; its origins go back to the Byzantines'time, whereas it reached its highest splendour around Year 1000.

Amalfi Cathedral was built in the 9th century and rebuilt twice: the first time occurred in 1200 in Arab-Norman style, the second one in 1700.

Its facade shows a mosaic decorative work and a wonderful bronze portal which had been cast in Constantinople in 1066; on one side there is the bell tower of the 12th century. Cathedral interiors are equally well-worth seeing thanks to the crypt, the Christ Crucified chapel and the Heaven Cloister.

It is just in a cloister going back to the 13th century that lies the well-known Amalfi Tower.

Must-see places
The Municipal Museum where the Amalfi Tables are displayed: they were useful to regulate the sea traffic of the Maritime Republic.


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Let's meet architect Luigi Vanvitelli in "his" Reggia di Caserta (Royal Palace of Caserta)
Up to October, 31st 2014 is not to be missed the exhibition "Vanvitelli segreto, i suoi pittori da Conca a Giaquinto - la Cathedra Petri" ("secret Vanvitelli, his painters from Conca to Giaquinto - Cathedra Petri") in the historcial apartments of the Royal Palace of Caserta, well-known as Royal Palace of Caserta too.
Among the precious painting works to be admired there is the Portray of Gaspar van Wittel, Luigi Vanvitelli's father. Many other important artists such as Sebastiano Conca, major rococò painter who frequently collaborated with Luigi Vanvitelli, Corrado Giaquinto, first painter at the Royal Court of Naples, Anton Raphael Mengs, moving spirit of Neoclassisicm, and Pompeo Batoni contribute to further enriching the exhibition. Numberless additional works, such as tapestries and allegoric portrays, to mention but a few, give this event undisputable charm and significance.
• Tel. 0039 0823 448084
• Opening times: From Wednesday to Monday from 08:30 to 19:30
• Tickets: Historical Apartmens + Exhibition + Park 14 €
Historical Apartmens + Exhibition 11 €



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