Journey through History, Art and Natural Beauties in Southern Italy

Campania Hotel, Journey through History, Art and Natural Beauties in Southern Italy

Campania Hotel

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Guide for your journey through Art, History and Natural Beauties.
Hotel Booking, exclusive routes and typically Mediterranean gastronomy


Where is Campania

Regione Campania

Naples outlook on Vesuvio and Castel dell'Ovo from Via Caracciolo

Ischia, il Castello Aragonese

Salerno, panorama



In southern Italy, facing the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Campania Region is a gorgeous symbol of Art, History, and Natural Beauties (including breathtaking mountain, hill and sea landscapes) thus inspiring unforgettable emotions.

In this wonderful environment the outstanding Mediterranean gastronomy, undoubtedly one of the most rich and tasty all over the world, along with the warm hospitality of the local people play an additional role in terms of real attractiveness.

Along with its invaluable art heritage to be admired in capital cities like Naples and in historical sites like Pompeii, Herculaneum, Paestum and Caserta just to mention a few, Campania also boasts innumerable sand beaches washed by the crystal clear sea (such as the Islands in the Gulf of Naples, the Amalfi and the Sorrento Coast and the Cilento region as well), enchanting woods (in the magic Irpinia region) and imposing mountains along the ridge of the Apennines (again in Irpinia and in the Sannio region as well).

A special mention to the wide range of wellbeing offers and packages available all over Campania which convey a deep and intense state of wellbeing thanks not only to the thermal heritage of destinations like Ischia or Telese and the surprising opportunities offered by heliotherapy and thalassotherapy but also to the extremely mild local climate and the amazing landscape variety and richness.
Suggestive surroundings where sea, lakes and different heights succeed in meeting all guests' environmental expectations.

From holidays in art cities to thermal programmes, from sea weekends to ecology walking & trekking mountain tours, from exploring Medieval and Renaissance villages to long weekends on the lakes, from enogastronomy routes to shopping meetings... Uncountable chances are available for tourists in Campania: each one is well-worth discovering!

Enjoy your next stay in Campania: it will nourish your soul and regenerate your body!

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Let's meet architect Luigi Vanvitelli in "his" Reggia di Caserta (Royal Palace of Caserta)
Up to October, 31st 2014 is not to be missed the exhibition "Vanvitelli segreto, i suoi pittori da Conca a Giaquinto - la Cathedra Petri" ("secret Vanvitelli, his painters from Conca to Giaquinto - Cathedra Petri") in the historcial apartments of the Royal Palace of Caserta, well-known as Royal Palace of Caserta too.
Among the precious painting works to be admired there is the Portray of Gaspar van Wittel, Luigi Vanvitelli's father. Many other important artists such as Sebastiano Conca, major rococò painter who frequently collaborated with Luigi Vanvitelli, Corrado Giaquinto, first painter at the Royal Court of Naples, Anton Raphael Mengs, moving spirit of Neoclassisicm, and Pompeo Batoni contribute to further enriching the exhibition. Numberless additional works, such as tapestries and allegoric portrays, to mention but a few, give this event undisputable charm and significance.
• Tel. 0039 0823 448084
• Opening times: From Wednesday to Monday from 08:30 to 19:30
• Tickets: Historical Apartmens + Exhibition + Park 14 €
Historical Apartmens + Exhibition 11 €
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