Journey through History, Art and Natural Beauties in Southern Italy

Campania Hotel, Journey through History, Art and Natural Beauties in Southern Italy

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Paestum (Capaccio)

Guide for your journey through Art, History and Natural Beauties.
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Where is Paestum. Map with the major distances by car.

The Temples of Paestum

Temple of Paestum by night

Overview of the remains in Paestum

Museum of Paestum

The Tomb of the Diver inside the National Archeological Museum of Paestum

Buffalo Mozzarella with Pachino baby tomatoes on a bed of mixed salad

Rigatoni pasta with buffalo mozzarella and ricotta cheese

Beach of Paestum - Capaccio

Nicknamed "the Gate of Cilento" - land of castles where traditions blend with pagan and Christian myths - Capaccio-Paestum lies in the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park.

Located on the sourthern coast of the Gulf of Salerno only 8 Km from the mouth of the river Sele, it offers unforgettable views from Paestum include the Gulf of Salerno from Punta Tresino to Punta Campanella along with Capri, the so-called "Sleeping Indian" thanks to its unmistakable profile, and Amalfi and Ravello as well.

Capaccio's fame is strictly bound to the imposing remains of Paestum, one of the most noteworthy European archeological sites; the earliest human occupation identified in the region dates back to the Lower Palaeolithic period.

The Valley of the Temples in Paestum - made by three outstanding temples lying on a very extensive area and surrounded by the archeological remains of the ancient village - can be seen from the main town street and visited 7 days a week.

Opposite to them there is the National Archeological Museum of Paestum, an extraordinary place of culture where a number of finds are carefully displayed and dated. At the rate of just € 7,00 per person you can visit the breathtaking temple and remains outdoor area and the whole Archeological Museum.

Such a cultural heritage plays a significant role also in the range of events performed in the magic surroundings of the Temples: in fact, the wide show calendar includes opera, dance, concerts and themed conferences.

Agriculture has always been the major activity of the local population; in fact, oil, wine and figs are produced according to very ancient traditions (the latter is carried out by means of natural drying procedures).

Flagship of Paestum - Capaccio is definitely also its magnificent dairy production: buffalo's mozzarella, fiordilatte, buffalo's ricotta cheese and cacioricotta cheese are real quality brands of Campania in the world.

In addition to the noteworthy cultural and historical significance of Paestum there is also its enchanting seaside: located within walking distance from the temples and the Archeological Museum, the shore of Paestum constantly attracts thousands of tourists thanks to its pinewoods surrounding many beaches and the high-quality bathing establishments.

How to reach Paestum

Distances from and to Paestum

Map of Paestum

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Let's meet architect Luigi Vanvitelli in "his" Reggia di Caserta (Royal Palace of Caserta)
Up to October, 31st 2014 is not to be missed the exhibition "Vanvitelli segreto, i suoi pittori da Conca a Giaquinto - la Cathedra Petri" ("secret Vanvitelli, his painters from Conca to Giaquinto - Cathedra Petri") in the historcial apartments of the Royal Palace of Caserta, well-known as Royal Palace of Caserta too.
Among the precious painting works to be admired there is the Portray of Gaspar van Wittel, Luigi Vanvitelli's father. Many other important artists such as Sebastiano Conca, major rococò painter who frequently collaborated with Luigi Vanvitelli, Corrado Giaquinto, first painter at the Royal Court of Naples, Anton Raphael Mengs, moving spirit of Neoclassisicm, and Pompeo Batoni contribute to further enriching the exhibition. Numberless additional works, such as tapestries and allegoric portrays, to mention but a few, give this event undisputable charm and significance.
• Tel. 0039 0823 448084
• Opening times: From Wednesday to Monday from 08:30 to 19:30
• Tickets: Historical Apartmens + Exhibition + Park 14 €
Historical Apartmens + Exhibition 11 €

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